Belial from Wild Arms 4

  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Demon

"Welcome to the farthest reaches of my world. Here you shall meet your end."
— Belial to Jude Maverick.

Wild Arms 4

Belial is the working partner of Scythe Riebaure, as well as his romantic partner, who would often feast on her blood to crave his hunger. Like him, she has control over the fabric of space as well, but hers is more powerful, and she's described as having a complete mastery over it. She is able to create space, and can even destroy it at will. She has also apparently been around for a very long time, as she implies having seen many wars over the ages. Despite her affiliation with the Brionac Force, she is not an official member.

After Scythe's death, a furious Belial traps the protagonists in Wunderweltraum, a space which she created constructed of pieces of various warships and weapons, explaining that she plans to kill them slowly in order to avenge her lover. As they make their way through, she confronts them in battle, but is defeated, much to her chagrin, as maintaining the space weakened her power.

In an attempt to take the protagonists with her to oblivion, she makes the space collapse. Before they can escape from Wunderweltraum, Belial reappears for a final battle, and this time is destroyed utterly.

Belial's Attacks

  • Attack - normal melee attack
  • Tank Drop - heavy damage, causes confusion
  • Distortion Control - summons a Distortion bit
  • Distortion Assault - combination attack with her Distortion bit
  • 4D Pocket - teleports character out of battle