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Beatrice during Wild Arms 3's 5th intro

  • Name: Beatrice
  • Class: Dream Demon
  • Japanese Name: ベアトリーチェ
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Race: Dream-Demon
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Weapon: Unknown

Artwork of Beatrice

Everyone worked so hard for me.
Beatrice to Virginia Maxwell

Wild Arms 3

Beatrice is a Dream Demon, a creature that has been effectively "stored in Filgaia's memory" and can only interact with others through their dreams and imaginations. She longs to create a Filgaia in which she can live freely, even if it means destroying the existing Filgaia in order to do so. Despite her physical limitations, she is actually a being of immense power and represents the ultimate threat to Filgaia at the end of Wild Arms 3.

To this end, Beatrice manipulated the Yggdrasil project years ago. Here she manipulated the scientist Duran, causing the terraforming project to run amuck. She has also been feeding on the dreams and memories of those of the entire planet, both hiding her activities and helping reduce the citizen's awareness of what is happening to the world around them.

Beatrice has also manipulated the Ark of Destiny by guiding their leader, Lamium into hunting for ancient artifacts and power sources, ones that Beatrice needs in order to make her dream a reality.

She also manipulates the Prophets as well as Zeikfried, and sets them up for their defeat by the players' party when she no longer has need of them. She even restores the clone of Malik Bendict's mother, primarily to set Malik on edge for his upcoming defeat.

Lastly, she manipulates Shane Carradine as "The Dream Child" to set her final plan into motion. At this point, she reveals her true nature, her true form, and ultimately her intentions to Virginia Maxwell and her group.

Eventually Virginia and her group must confront Beatrice and defeat her plans for good, as she begins to give birth to Nega Filgaia, the ultimate threat to Filgaia.

In Game Appearances

Though Beatrice's introduction and reveal can seem like a 'wild pull', she actually does appaear throughout the game and is nearby for most of the game's major events.

  • Beatrice appears in Jolly Roger, ignoring Dario and Romero
  • Her laugh can be heard at the Ruin of Dreams
  • She appears in Little Twister in front of the ARMs shop, leaving as you approach
  • She appears in Humphrey's Peak, but only if you go down below under the birdge (where Uncle Gob is) before you enter the town square for the first time
  • She appears in a cut scene at Boot Hill
  • She appears in the balcony of Gunner's Haven
  • She "reveals" to the player for the first time with Malik and his clone.
  • She is "The Saint" in the visions of the leader of the Ark of Destiny
  • She is "The Dream Child" in Shane's visions.
  • She finally "reveals" herself to the party after they confront Shane.