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Balloons are a recurring enemy monster that has appeared in all games since the first Wild Arms. In all cases, they are an early-game monster and are not a threat. They more often than not are floating red or orange spheres with a face or several on them.

Wild Arms

They are located mainly in the dungeons Berry Cave, Memory Temple, and Sealed Library. On the overworld they can be found near Adlehyde, Surf Village, Curan Abbey, and Memory Temple.

Later we find an enemy similar to him and stronger in Ka Dingel called Evil Dead.


  • Level: 1
  • HP: 35
  • MP: 0
  • EXP: 4
  • Gella: 3
  • Weakness: Holy
  • Spells: None
  • Drop: Nothing
  • Trickster: Nothing

Wild Arms 2

Wild Arms 2 Balloon

They are located mainly in Meria Region, but can be found in various other areas


  • LEVEL: 01
  • HP: 60
  • XP: 06
  • GELLA: 12
  • Drop: Stone
  • Pickpocket: Heal Berry
  • Red Skill: Wildcard
  • Divides Into: Shanzen
  • Elemental Stats: Dark (Weak)

Wild Arms 3

They appear on the map of Filgaia early in the prologue of Gallows Carradine near Baskar Village.

Weakest enemy in the game.

Balloon in Wild Arms 3


  • LEVEL: 01
  • HP: 32
  • XP: 01
  • GELLA: 02
  • Drop: Heal Berry
  • Pickpocket: Potion Berry
  • Red Skill: Wildcard
  • Divides Into: Shanzen
  • Elemental Stats: Earth, Water, Thunder, Wind, Ice (Halved), Dark (Resist), Light (Weak)
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