Balgaine from Wild Arms 4

Balgaine Ales (known Bargaine to Japanese audiences) is a power fighter who yearns for an honorable death on the battlefield. His cyborg body packs unimaginable power, and his weaponized chainsaw was developed specifically for battle. His weapon boasts the most attack power, even amongst the Brionac Commanders, as his weapon is even capable of cutting apart tanks.

Balgaine meets the protagonists on board the Silver Star Express as the Brionac are escorting Jude's mother, Ethelda Maverick, by dramatically flying in from the detaching cars. He chastises Jude's ignorance of war and battle and requests a battle with him.

He loses his battle against the group, but is satisfied. He asks Jude where his path will lead him to, and Jude answers that he will rescue his mother and protect Yulie and live without fighting, to which Belgaine responds that it was because of fighting he was able to proceed. He tells him to embrace his future as quickly as possible before he dies.