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Bad News

Bad News is a monster that has appeared in every Wild Arms game, frequently encountered in arena-like places except for Wild Arms 5, where he is found near the Temple of Rejection.

Wild Arms

In Wild Arms, Bad News is the second opponent you face in the Ancient Arena. He is notorious for his extremely strong physical attacks.

Fatal Blow

The only attacks he uses are normal physical attack and Brutal Attack, but both are very strong; his physical attack dealing around 2000 damage and his Brutal Attack dealing around 3000 damage.

You can find enemies with a similar physical appearance in Abyss, the Gigaflame and Gigafrost twins, which have high level and different colors.

Level 40
HP 40.000
MP 0
Weakness None
Attacks Brutal Attack
Experience 5.000
Gella 1.000

Trickster: Secret Sign