Avril Vent Fleur
Avril Vent Fleur
Game Wild Arms 5
Class Celestial
Weapon Absolute Zero (sword)
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Height 5'4"
Race Veruni
Voice Actor (JP) Shizuka Itou
Voice Actor (ENG) Michelle Ruff

Avril Vent Fleur is the tritagonist of Wild Arms 5 and one of the playable characters. She has amnesia at the beginning of the story, and is aided in the recovery of her memory by Dean Stark and Rebecca Streisand, with whom she becomes fast friends. As the story progresses, the mystery surrounding this woman's true identity begins to unravel, revealing much about the history and ultimate fate of Filgaia as other names come to be associated with Avril including Johnny Appleseed, the Lilithia and the Ice Queen. Avril fights with a sword ARM that can change into a whip.


One perhaps uplifting bit about Avril's tortured existence is that every time she travels in time, history changes just slightly. It could be hoped that Avril may yet find someway to escape her fate and restore a happy ending for herself for good.

Official Biographies

Wild Arms 5 Web Page Bio

A woman of mystery who falls from the sky cradled in a golem's arm. She lacks all memories of the past and only remembers the words "Johnny Appleseed". She emits purity and innocence, traveling alongside Dean and Rebecca like a lost puppy, but she occasionally says profound things and seems to be wise beyond her years.

Art of Wild Arms Bio

A mysterious young lady who fell from the sky, cradled in a golem's arm. Saved by Dean and Rebecca, with whom she quickly became friends. She suffers from amnesia, remembering only her name and the words "Johnny Appleseed".


  • Avril's full name in French means "April's Windflower."
  • In the Japanese version of Wild Arms 5, Ice Queen Avril was called "Avril the Lilithia," a title that references the first game. While this goes unused for the most part, it is mentioned a few times:
    • One of Avril's ARM parts is called "Soul of Lilithia"
    • Avril's weapon is named "Absolute Zero," which was the attack that the Lilithia/Lolithia most often used in battle.
    • In a cutscene where Elvis goes to speak to the Baskars, they mention the name "Lilithia" and use it to determine that the Ice Queen was the one who created the Mediums.


With her ability, Avril can keep the enemy from ever getting a turn in - while damaging them at the same time. This sets her up for various combinations with mediums as any attack oriented one can work well with her. The Prima Official Guide gives the suggestion of Sword to further her damage potential while robbing turns from the opposition.

Cameo Costumes

In Wild Arms 5, Avril can adopt several different outfits depending upon the armor she has worn. Two of these outfits are based on the character designs from other Wild Arms games.