Augst from Wild Arms 4

Formerly a scientist, Augst Henriksen, codenamed "The Trifler", currently functions as an adviser to Lambda and oversees the formulation of mission strategies. Unlike any of the other Brionac members, he lacks any special or superhuman abilities and instead relies on common sense to bring success to the missions. He has a fondness for corny jokes.

Augst defected to the Congressional Knights for different reasons; While his peers believe he had turned over to the darkside and betrayed the group of scientists he worked with, he was actually doing it so that he could try and steer the ARMs project back to it's original purpose of healing the planet from the countless wars that ravaged it. His reasons for working under the High Council are due to the fact that the scientists who took refuge in Ciel were refusing to do anything about how their work had been used for war, and decided on this even though he knew he would be thought ill of for it. It is highly likely that he is the reason that Brionac learned of the shelter's existence and was able to invade it, setting off the events of the game.

As the remaining members of Brionac depart from Garra de Leon, Augst opts to stay behind and is confronted by the protagonists. Using sample cells from the Divine Weapon which were used for research, he is swallowed by the material, and is transformed into a horrific monster in order to battle them. The protagonists are unable to defeat him, learning that he is absorbing the attacks and using it to regenerate his cells, though he temporarily flees.

The ship shortly begins to explode, and the heroes and the villagers of Ciel make their escape. However, Augst absorbs the energy from the explosion, putting his body in the dangerous position of exploding at any moment, and the protagonists fight him one last time on the deck of the ship. This time he does not survive and is felled.

Due in part of Augst using the sample cells, Lambda was able to gain the research needed for the Divine Weapon's use, which was what he had intended to do for him.