Argetlahm (sometimes spelled Airgetlamh or Argetlam depending on the game) is the name of a weapon with different incarnations throughout the Wild Arms series. It seems to borrow its name from a figure in Irish mythology, Nuada Airgetlám.

Wild Arms 2

In 2nd Ignition, Arghetlamh is the legendary sword used to seal away Lord Blazer. In the beginning of the game, Ashley pulls the sword from the stone and releases Lord Blazer.

Wild Arms 3

Jet Enduro's ARM in named Airget-lamh B/V2, which only he is able to use. It is modelled after a machine gun.

Wild Arms 5

In The Vth Vanguard, Airgetlam is an ARM part for Avril Vent Fleur, awarded after collecting 18 Neutrino Medals and talking to the Red-Chekked Parrot in the Golem Hunter's Guild.