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Anastasia Wild Arms 2.jpg

  • Class: Sword Magess
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 16 (at time of Blaze of Disaster)
  • Weapon: Argetlahm

Anastasia Rune Valeria is the Sword Magess who, with the aid of Luceid and Marivel Armitage, banished Lord Blazer to the Event Horizon 1000 years ago. This has had the unexpected result of keeping her alive as a memory in the Event Horizon, where Ashley Winchester meets up with her.

Anatasia is actually a quiet, even demure young woman who, in truth, was extremely reluctant to become a hero for Filgaia. Unfortunately, she found herself with little choice but to sacrifice herself to stop Lord Blazer's ambitions and to keep the Blaze of Disaster from destroying the entire world.

Upon meeting Ashley, she immediately claims him as her "little brother" and the two have a long discussion about what it truly means to be a hero. When Ashley decides to return to Filgaia, she wishes him well and sends her only two companions (Lucied and Marivel Armitage) along to aid his quest.

Anastasia can only be used for a short time in the game and has no Tools like other characters. In battle, most of her attacks seem to be centered around healing HP and adverse effects, though her stats make her a very able physical fighter. Her original power is "Argetlahm", which makes use of the legendary sword of the same name.

Art of Wild Arms Bio

"Charity Coordinator" The key figure in Wild Arms 2, though she does not appear often in the game. Anastasia is the one who banished Lord Blazer by sacrificing her life.

Wild Arms 3

Anastasia is mentioned along with Marivel in Wild Arms 3, apearing in the Adventurer's Books in a sidequest. It's heavily implied in these books that the events of Wild Arms 2 are a fictionalized account of Filgaia's distant past.

Wild Arms 5

Anatasia appears in the town of Harmonde where she solicits major charitable donations for the city after its destruction by Kartikeya. In return for Dean Stark's generosity, she provides exceptionally rare items.