Accelerator is a recurring skill in the Wild Arms series.

Wild Arms

Accelerator makes its debut here in the first game, as a Force Ability for Jack Van Burace. It allows its user to make turns before any of the other characters by selecting it, and then selecting any other option, whether it be to attack, use Fast Draw techniques, or items.

Wild Arms 2

Accelerator is assigned to Ashley Winchester, and generally serves the same purpose.

Wild Arms 3

In Wild Arms 3, this skill is given to Jet Enduro, and works much in the same way as it's previous two incarnations. When Jet uses Accelerator, there is a small chance of him killing the enemy in one blow (as denoted by the 'Blown Away!' graphic.)

Wild Arms Alter Code: F

Accelerator once again serves the same general purpose as it's previous appearances, and assigned to Jack Van Burace. However, this time it has the added feature of making his Fast Draws more powerful when used in tandem, adding certain effects to the attack such as hitting entire groups of monsters or inflicting more damage.

Wild Arms 4

In Wild Arms 4, the Accelerator technique serves a different purpose for the first time in the series, and is used by Jude Maverick. It can be used to slow down time around him, allowing him to cross certain sections without too much trouble. Additionally, Gella will appear during this mode that the player can grab as they move along.

However, there is a limit to using the technique. A bar in the upper right corner of the screen keeps track of how long it can be used. Once fully drained, it cannot be used for a while until the bar regenerates by itself. It can be restored, though, extending its use via hourglasses that appear while it is active.

Wild Arms 5

Accelerator does not get an in-game use, appearing instead as an option in the game's submenu, allowing the player to turn battle movies on or off.

Wild Arms XF

In Wild Arms XF, this skill appears as "Accelerate", and is a feature of the Grappler class. It has the random effect of adding a value to the unit's RFX counter at the end of each turn, which can give them the benefit of an extra turn in battle.

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